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Truck Service

Hunter’s responsive and uncompromised service is what keeps our customers coming back.

One Hour Promise

At Hunter, we offer you the One Hour Promise. We promise to investigate your service problem and determine a solution within one hour so you can make decisions critical to your business. 

Preventive Maintenance

Hunter offers preventive maintenance programs for all makes and will custom tailor an in-house maintenance program designed to meet your specific needs.

Certified Technicians

Hunter invests heavily to keep our technicians certified and on the cutting edge of the industry’s latest technological advancements.

With certifications from the manufacturers of the PACCAR MX, MaxxForce, and Cummins engines, our technicians are able to get you back on the road without the guess work. We also offer an ON-SITE technician program for your facilities. 

Contact Hunter for more details.

24-Hours and Over 200 Service Bays

We have 24-hour facilities at select locations.

DPF Cleaning

Our State of the art regeneration oven is designed to facilitate the cleaning and verification process of dirty or damaged Diesel Particulate Filters. In some cases a filter may need to be baked due to amounts of wet soot, unburned hydrocarbons and must be baked in order to regenerate the soot to ash that cannot be effectively removed. Our machine is programmed to ramp up the temperature at a rate that will not damage the substrate of the filter.

With the Ovens "smart technology", it will monitor the DPF during the regeneration process and provide the end user with before and after measurements of ash content and flow making sure the filter is still in working condition, and thoroughly cleaned.

Having the ability to provide this data for our customers is extremely valuable to help you, the customer, when making good cost based decisions to clean the unit instead of possibly replacing it prematurely.